Our Team

  • Dr Chitra Chandran

    Dr Chitra Chandran

    Founding Director & Paediatrician Chitra’s expertise and experience in child development and behaviour makes her one of Australia’s most in-demand…

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  • Dr Rick Jarman

    Dr Rick Jarman

    Founding Director & Paediatrician Rick is one of Australia’s leading experts in child development and behaviour. He graduated from Melbourne…

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  • Dr Reetika Dhir

    Dr Reetika Dhir

    Paediatrician Having gained extensive experience in General Paediatrics and Neonatology, Reetika realises the importance of Developmental Behavioural Paediatrics in today’s…

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  • Dr Jesuina Noronha

    Dr Jesuina Noronha

    Paediatrician Dr Jesuina Noronha is a Melbourne-trained Paediatrician. She has been Chief Paediatric Resident at Monash Children’s Hospital and trained…

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  • Dr Chidambaram Prakash

    Dr Chidambaram Prakash

    Psychiatrist Dr Chidambaram Prakash is a senior consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist of over 19 years’ experience.

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  • Dr Billy Garvey

    Dr Billy Garvey

    Dr Billy Garvey Billy has trained as a paediatric specialist doctor in Queensland and Victoria and has over 15 years’…

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  • Dr Ramesha Tiskumara

    Dr Ramesha Tiskumara

    Dr Ramesha Tiskumara Ramesha has extensive experience in both acute and developmental paediatrics. She obtained her medical degree from Monash…

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