Our services


We provide formal developmental and behavioural paediatric assessments and multimodal treatments in conjunction with on-site psychologists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists as necessary. These may include:

  • Evaluation of irritable infants & management strategies to help babies settle
  • Assessment & management of sleep problems in infants, toddlers & older children
  • Helping parents deal with feeding, sleeping & toileting problems
  • Evaluation of children with suspected developmental delay
  • Autism assessments including multidisciplinary input from psychologists and speech pathologists
  • Assessments of child behavioural difficulties, working with parents, caregivers & teachers on behaviour management strategies
  • Multi-disciplinary assessment of children with learning difficulties
  • Liaison with schools to implement remedial educational & behaviour management programs
  • Evaluation of children with attentional & listening problems for possible ADHD or APD
  • Individual counselling with older children, to help with self-control, emotional regulation & anger
  • Social skills training using role playing in the office & to facilitate parents as coaches at home
  • CBT based relaxation work to assist children with anxiety problems
  • Family sessions to assist with conflict resolution
  • Medication options as part of a treatment package to assist children with various developmental & behavioural difficulties
  • Medical management of adolescents with eating disorders