Dr Christopher Ward

Dr Christopher Ward


Dr Chris Ward has experience across many areas of paediatrics.

Originally from Melbourne, Chris completed his medical degree at the University of Queeensland, graduating with honours before completing his paediatric training at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Prior to studying medicine, Chris completed a Pharmacy degree at Monash University.

He has experience in both the public hospital and private practice settings, in all areas of child development and behaviour.

Chris has a balanced clinical perspective from his time practicing in large city hospitals, regional centres and small town rural paediatrics, both in Australia and overseas.

Chris has trained at the Centre for Community Child Health at the Royal Children’s Hospital and has a special interest in ADHD, infant and child sleep disorders and child and adolescent mental health and behaviour problems. He also has a keen interest in medical student training, evidence based medicine and health care quality and safety.

Chris has a strong commitment to child-centred practice and believes in a practical and collaborative approach when working with children and families, emphasizing the importance of communication within families, and with health care professionals, schools and the wider community.

Paediatrics has taken Chris from Victoria to Queensland, where he worked at Mackay Regional Hospital and for the James Cook University Medical School, and most recently, to Penticon, Canada, where he and his family have lived for the past three years.

Chris is a keen runner and cyclist. He has completed marathons at the Gold Coast, San Francisco, Paris and Penticon. He is only trying to keep up with his triathlete wife and three young children, who can’t run as fast, but can ski circles round him.

He returns home to Australia, excited to be working and living back in Melbourne.