COVID 19 (Corona Virus) Update

If you are, or your child is, acutely unwell with possible symptoms of the COVID 19 virus you should call your GP or the COVID 19 Hotline on 1800 675 398.

We are a specialist paediatric clinic. We do not assess or treat acutely unwell children.

All at Melbourne Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrics are committed to protecting our staff, patients and families during this challenging time.


If you have an appointment scheduled and if you or anyone in your family are unwell (with symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, fever-or regardless of whether you think this may be COVID 19 or a cold or flu), have returned from overseas in the last 2 weeks, have suspected or confirmed COVID 19 infection, or have been in contact with someone who has either returned from overseas recently or has suspected or confirmed COVID 19 infection, please call.

Reception staff will reschedule your appointment or advise your doctor.  We will get back to you if the doctor believes you would meet the criteria for a phone or telehealth appointment.

We trust you will understand our lines are very busy at this time. Please leave your phone number and we will get back to you on the day, or the following.


Patients and family who are attending are asked to check in at Reception then wait in your car if you would prefer. You will be phoned when your doctor is ready to see you.

If you do choose at this stage to wait in the reception area, please note we do not have toys, reading material or magazines available. We do have a TV screen with ABC for kids. You are welcome to bring your own toy, book etc.

Please also note, if you do come in and we have any concerns regarding you or your child’s health, we will ask you to leave. We trust you understand this is in the interests of your child and family, your doctor and the staff.


We are ensuring good hygiene practices are rigorously followed by all practitioners, staff, patients and families. We are requiring all who enter the consulting rooms to cleanse their hands. You will be advised of the process when you attend.

We thank you for your co-operation